BASKET Flap Lid Teak Grain

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BASKET Flap Lid Teak Grain


In Shizuoka, Japan resides Saito Wood, a company founded in 1948 by Isamu Saito specialising in the use of moulded plywood technology.

The ‘No.901 Basket’ was completed in 1959 and has continued to be produced until this very day. Although thin and light in weight, all of Saito Wood’s pieces have sufficient strength thanks to the horizontal and vertical layering of the wood during the production process The natural qualities of the material each Saito piece has a unique warmth that sets their work apart from other mass-produced products.

This swing bin is an adaption of the 901 basket and featured even more functionality with this beautiful lid mechanism.

Please note: Each piece is handmade and can take 4-6 weeks to be produced if out of stock. Ships from OEN in the UK.

Approx Dimensions:  M – 20.5cm Diameter x 28cm Height. L – 22cm x 35.5cm. Wood – Ayous. Color – Teak Grain. Handmade in Japan.

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BASKET Flap Lid Teak Grain

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