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Vileda Solar Dryer

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Vileda Solar

This all-weather airer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its weatherproof material guarantees a long service life. The airer is compact, lightweight and offers a hanging space of 20 meters.

Product Highlights

1.  Ideal for two loads of laundry

You can hang up to two loads of laundry on this Solar all-weather airer from Vileda with a maximum drying capacity of 20 metres.

2. Made of 100% resin

To use Vileda Solar airer outside, the frame and wires are made of resin to ensure easy outdoor use. You can use your Vileda Solar airer whenever and wherever you want!

3. Sturdy stand

Vileda Solar airer has sturdy base that offers more stability than a normal airer. An ideal Vileda purchase for your garden or balcony!

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Are you looking for a new classic dryer or do you need an extra dryer in addition to your old one to hang more clothes in one go? Our Solar dryer is the ideal product to hang your laundry indoors or outdoors. Made of weather resistant resin, this Vileda dryer has a stable base thanks to its trestle legs that guarantee maximum stability and practicality. Even rain can’t damage this product! You can rely on this white clothes dryer to hang and dry your freshly laundered laundry. Place it comfortably in the garden, on the patio, on the balcony or inside your home because this all-weather dryer can be placed wherever you need it. The small red wheels make it easy to transport and avoid damaging the floor. Flexibility and comfort are this Vileda dryer’s strengths. The Solar outdoor dryer is light and compact and can be stored easily. Simply place it behind a door or inside a broom cupboard to save space. With a hanging space of 20 metres, this dryer can be used for 2 loads of laundry. For uncompromising laundry care, Vileda Solar is the dryer for you. Buy the Solar dryer from Vileda now!


1. Position your product

The all-weather airer with stand legs is designed for optimal stability, allowing you to position the item the way you want it.

2. Hang your laundry

Once opened, the all-season airer can accommodate up to two loads of laundry and cover a hanging surface of 20 m thanks to its strong plastic wires.

3.Let your laundry dry

Sheets, duvets, larger sheets and heavy towels – there’s nothing the indoor/outdoor airer can’t accommodate.


hanging space of 20 metres

The airer offers a comfortable hanging space of 20 metres for hanging up to two loads of laundry on its cords. We recommend using clothes pegs.

Easy transport

Vileda Solar airers are handy and lightweight. You can transport and move them easily. Place them outside in your garden, on your balcony or inside your house.

Stability with trestle legs

This all-weather airer provides maximum stability thanks to its trestle legs. The sturdy support point ensures a safe and comfortable drying process on the wires.

Easy storage

To save space, simply fold the indoor/outdoor clothesline and place it inside a broom cupboard, wardrobe or behind a door for easy storage.

Transport wheels

To further simplify the manoeuvrability of the airer, it is equipped with four red wheels. You can simply move the Solar airer around the house until you have positioned it correctly.

Safe legs

The all-weather airer is stable thanks to its sturdy legs. The flexible joint is equipped with a safety button that prevents our outdoor airers from falling down unintentionally.

Easy installation

Vileda’s all-season airers can be easily installed by anyone.

Fast Setup

Vileda’s all-weather clothes airers can be easily set up by anyone.

Vileda Solar Dryer